Frozen Stars To Release Christmas Singles


Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell, who famously lent their voices to Frozen's Elsa and Anna, are both to release Christmas singles.

Idina, the voice behind the movie's showstopper 'Let It Go', is teaming up with Michael Bublé - not exactly a stranger to the Christmas song - to record a duet of festive classic 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'.

The pair don't appear in the video, which is instead acted out by kids in a vintage hotel setting. Think Bugsy Malone with less custard.

Idina became a household name after originating the role of Elphaba in musical mega-smash Wicked - although clearly not to John Travolta, who famously introduced her as 'Adele Nazeem' when she took the stage at the 2013 Oscars to perform 'Let It Go'.

She did indeed let it go, laughing off the flub and telling reporters: "It's cool, we're buddies" after a mortified Travolta sent her flowers and a heartfelt email.

Kristen, meanwhile, who voiced Princess Anna, is striking a decidedly more contemporary feel with her own contribution to the festive charts, entitled 'Text Me Merry Christmas'.

The down-with-the-kids jam, which she recorded alongside a cappella group Straight No Chaser, is (thankfully) tongue-in-cheek, with lines like 'Though you're far from me, say you'll BRB'.

Kristen, who admits she was 'obsessed' with The Little Mermaid and Aladdin as a child, has said that becoming a Disney princess herself was a dream come true. However, she confessed that duetting with Broadway icon Idina in the movie was 'nerve-wracking'.

"She's so gentle in real life, but there's a real ferocity behind her voice. I've seen her sing on stage numerous times and she's got one of the best voices on the planet," Kristen said last year. "I was really, really nervous about the duet."