Insecam Webcam Site Creator: 'I'm Not Sorry. And MY Cameras Were On My Site Too'

'I'm Not Sorry' Webcam 'Spy' Hacker Tells HuffPost

The creator of a website which showcased broadcasts from thousands of private webcams from inside private offices, homes and even childrens' bedrooms has now shut down the enterprise.

But if you think he's doing so after a change of heart? Think again.

"I did a great job," he tells HuffPost.

The still-anonymous creator of the site - which was hosted but not necessarily created in Russia - said in an interview with the Huffington Post UK that the idea "appeared a few years ago" but that he managed to make it in his "free time".

At its height, the website's creator said, thousands of users were watching the feeds.

"About 3000-4000 online users. After that the server lay down and did not accepted users at all."

But while the images contained on the site were sometimes disturbing, he has no regrets. He points out that the cameras are easily viewable using other software, and only because they use no or default passwords.

If users change the password on their IP camera, there is no easy way for someone to gain access.

"I do not [have regrets]," he said. "I did [a] great job to show the problem to neglectful users. Without this example users do not care about the password."

Do you feel bad for anyone who felt their privacy was invaded, we asked him.

"Do you think their privacy is not invaded without my site? There are tons of video records and images on anonymous image boards. I am not even sure that all of them are not an exhibitionists."

And he has another secret too - at least two of the cameras on the site were… his.

"I can tell you a small secret. At least two of my camera feeds was on the site between thousands others. It was not in my bed and I do not see any problem."

Now the owner of the site is looking for a - discreet, presumably - job. So if you're looking for a C/C++ or Python programmer, and have a flexible relationship with ethical dilemmas, perhaps it's time to get in touch.


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