Parents Spend £188 On Christmas Presents For Other People's Children


The average UK parent will be spending of £188 this year on presents for other people's children this Christmas, a new survey has found.

Typically, that sum will be split between four nephews or nieces, four children of friends and four friends of their own children.

Participants in the survey, conducted by Orchard Toys, said that anything between £5 and £15 was an acceptable amount to spend on non-related children, creeping up to an average of £23 for nephews and nieces.

But although for most mums and dad buying presents for other people's children is seen as a social obligation, it's not always easy. Two-fifths of parents admitted that they struggled to think of presents for other people's children, with games being the most popular choice.

However, when it came to presents they would want their own kids to receive from aunts, uncles or friends, parents were far less stumped. Three-quarters said they would prefer their children to be given educational toys.

With over half of parents also reporting that they spent £100 or more on their own children, it can add up to a pretty pricey Christmas, especially in these cash-strapped times.

Still, there is one consolation: the odds are good that you'll at least get a nice thank you. A comfortable majority of parents - 60 percent - continue to defy the digital age by insisting that their kids send handwritten thank-you notes, while one in 10 settle for an email or text of acknowledgement.