Toddler Break Dances With His Dad (Video)


Every little boy wants to be like his dad. Especially if dad is this cool a break dancer.

This fantastic (on lots of levels) video has become a huge hit online. It shows two-year-old Nikos doing battle with his break dancing dad.

In the footage, the toddler watches in awe as his uber-cool dad hits the floor with some seriously impressive moves.

But not content with being a bystander, the little dude takes to the floor himself, battling dad with his own killer moves.

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The footage was uploaded to YouTube by the little boy's dad, Dominik Hungr, with the message: 'Morning jam with my 'lil man', and it has been viewed over a million times.

Clearly overwhelmed by the love his son has received online, Dominik commented on the video to thank everyone for their lovely words and shares.

He wrote: "When I was young I used to imagine that I'd have a son who I'm playing various games with, raising and teaching him and having a good time. I forgot about this dream when I grew up, luckily the Universe did not.

"So what you can actually see in the video is me living my childhood dream. And you bet that Nikos is a dream kid."

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