26/11/2014 11:32 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby's First Christmas: Presents For Babies Under 12 Months

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Babies probably won't see the 25th of December as different to any other day – it will be the usual whirl of feeds, nappies and naps – indeed they might even sleep through the opening of presents or Christmas dinner. But a baby's first Christmas is still special - especially for you, the parents.

And even though they won't understand what all the fuss is about, it would be decidedly bah humbug not to get them a pressie or two, wouldn't it? Even if they will, inevitably, be more interested in the wrapping paper.

What to consider:

If you're buying for someone else's baby rather than your own, don't be shy about asking the parents what they might want or need – far better than them ending up with yet another mobile/ teddy/ baby gym when their little one has nine of each already.

Shopping for presents for a baby whose age is still counted in weeks not months? They won't need many toys at this stage so, instead, either choose something for later on, or stick with a practical gift.

Cute and cuddly teddy bears are a temptingly easy option if you're buying for someone else's baby but there's only so many a child needs and most already have loads – steer clear if possible!

Tiddly ones get through more clothes than the average A-list celeb, so most parents appreciate little outfits as a present. Other than for festive or wintry wear, size up from their age in case they've already got a well-stocked wardrobe for now and be mindful of the season they might wear a particular item in.

If you do prefer to buy a toy for a younger baby, those with bold, contrasting colours, flashing lights and musical tunes should be well-received.

After their first few months, as little ones learn to roll, reach out and grab things, they will start to enjoy a slightly wider range of toys. Look for feature-packed items with big buttons to press, interesting textures to explore and baby-safe mirrors to discover their own reflection in.

Around the end of the first year, many will be working towards taking their first steps, so a
push or pull along toy will bring lots of 'play value' in the coming months.

Whether you're a generous grandparent, a doting aunt or uncle, or the proud parents, here's our guide to gifts for the under ones...