Animal Rights Group 'Direct Action Everywhere' Holds Chicken Funeral In Supermarket


Starting like your average joke video, the latest public stunt from the group who brought us Woman Rants About Her Chicken Baby isn't supposed to be as funny as it is.

Direct Action Everywhere, an extreme animal rights movement, held a funeral for a chilled chicken in a US supermarket. The shoppers and employees around them don't seem phased, with one butcher shouting "Yo, bacon!" during a woman's eulogy for the fallen fowl. He spurs his fellow workers on, descending into a pork-themed chant which overpowers DAE's whimpers.

The video begins with a skinny guy sombrely picking up a prepared chicken, which is a much more comical scenario than he thinks. He then carries the bird over to a human-sized cardboard coffin, which blocks the shop's butcher counter from many of the store's patrons.

Sadly for this chap, he screwed things up a bit when he started his speech about two minutes too early.


He does eventually get to recite his words, and he's so incredibly nervous it's almost hard to watch.

Each eulogy is hilarious in its own special way, right up until the funeral procession proceeds through the supermarket doors under police escort.