27/11/2014 05:57 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Toddler Cuts Off Her Own Hair - To Dad's Shock And Amusement (Video)


If you think you're having a bad hair day, we can guarantee it is nothing compared to toddler Tallulah's.

She decided she was fed up with her messy blonde locks getting in her eyes – so she took a pair of scissors and lopped them off.

Unfortunately, she didn't consult mum or dad beforehand and the first they knew about their two-year-old's self-styled hairstyle was when dad went downstairs at home in Darley Dale, Derbyshire, on Monday morning.

There, standing in the living room, with a butter-wouldn't-melt look on her face, stood very adorable Tallulah clutching the results of her hairdressing handiwork, like a latter day Delilah.

Dad's first reaction, no doubt, was: "How the hell did she get her hands on the scissors?"

But once he'd reassured himself his daughter was unharmed, he reached for the video camera and filmed this hilarious exchange with Tallulah, in which she explains exactly why she decided to take the shears to her crowning glory.

Story continues after video...

As she clutches a large bunch of her hair, Tallulah says: "I cut my fringe off because I didn't want it to be in my eyes!"

Then Dad points the camera at Tallulah's big sister and asks her if she'd seen the incident, to which – in typical big sis style – she just shrugs.

The dad tells YouTube viewers: "I came downstairs first thing in the morning to find that my two-year-old daughter Tallulah had got her first ever haircut...unfortunately it was self-administered."

Towards the end of the video, the dad compares Tallulah's new hairstyle to the iconic mullet sported by Yolandi Visser from South African rap group, Die Antwoord.

Or Chris Waddle in his Tottenham Hotspur bad hair heyday!

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