Loom Band Designs: How To Make A Flower Bracelet

How to make flower loom band bracelets

What you need:

13 rubber bands in pink and lilac

12 rubber bands in green and white (depending on the circumference of your arm, to extend the bracelet)

1 loon band clip

A Rainbow Loom

1 hook


1. For the bracelet, work a total of six flowers in the colour sequence pink–green–lilac–pink–green–lilac. Start with six pink bands for the first flower. Stretch a pink band from peg 1M across to 1L and from 1M to 1R.

2. Now stretch a pink band from 1L to 2L and from 1R to 2R...

3. ...then from 2L to 3M and from 2R to 3M.

4. Next, stretch a white band in a figure of eight over pegs 1L and 1R and a second one around pegs 2L and 2R. The first flower is now ready.

5. Work the second flower in the same way, but start by stretching the green bands from peg 3M. So stretch the first green band from 3M across to 3L, then from 3M to 3R, 3L to 4L, 3R to 4R, 4L to 5M and 4R to 5M. Make sure you follow this exact sequence.

6. Work the remaining four flowers in the same way. Each time start the next flower on the peg in the middle row where the previous flower has just ended.

Next, wrap a pink band twice around peg 13M. Pegs 13L and 13R are not used. Your loom should now look like this.

7. Turn the Rainbow Loom around. Using the hook, pick up the top lilac band beneath the two pink ones on peg 1M and pull it across to 2L.

8. Now lift the other lilac band off peg 1M and pull it across to 2R.

9. Weave together the lower of the remaining lilac rubber bands (not the white ones): 2L to 3L...

10. 2R to 3R...

11. 3L to 3M...

12. ...and finally 3R to 3M.

13. Repeat steps 7–12 for the remaining flowers. Start the second flower with 3M to 4L, and so on.

14. Your loom should now look like this.

15. Using the hook, draw a lilac band through all the loops on peg 13M. Lift the bracelet off the pegs and secure with a loom band clip.

For more designs check out Loom Bands! And Loom Bands! Charms! by Heike Roland & Stefanie Thomas (Quadrille, £4.99 each)

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