Loom Band Designs: How To Make Flower Accessories

How to make loom band flower hair slides, sings and badges

What you need:

30 rubber bands in lilac

2 rubber bands in yellow

1 loom band hook

A hair slide, ring or brooch back

Strong all-purpose adhesive


1. Wind one lilac band around the hook three times.

2. Pick up the end of a pair of lilac bands on the tip of the hook...

3. ...and with the index finger of your right hand, push the loops...

4. ...off the hook and onto the pair of lilac bands.

5. Place the second end of the pair of lilac bands onto the hook.

6. Pick up another pair of lilac bands and repeat steps 2–6. You have now made your first petal. Slide the petal onto the handle of the hook.

7. Make five more petals in the same way. You will now have no more lilac bands left.

8. Now pick up one end of a yellow band with the hook.

9. With your right index finger, push all the lilac petals onto the yellow band in turn.

10. Put the second end of the yellow band over your left index finger so you don't lose it. When all the lilac petals are on the yellow band, lift the left loop up off your index finger...

11. ...and onto the hook.

12. Draw the left loop through the right loop on the hook. Now pull the resulting loop tight.

13. Take the loop off the hook and push three petals through it.

14. Now place the second yellow band through the next space between the petals.

15. Working from the front, cross the band at the back of the flower and then lift the band back over to the front in the last space between the petals.

16. Stick the finished flower onto a ring blank, brooch or hair slide with strong all-purpose adhesive.

For more designs check out Loom Bands! And Loom Bands! Charms! by Heike Roland & Stefanie Thomas (Quadrille, £4.99 each)

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