5 Problems That All Women Who Suck At Make-Up Will Understand

5 Problems That All Women Who Suck At Make-Up Will Understand

Makeup: sometimes it's the bane of our existence.

The thing is, if you don't wear makeup then you get to sleep for longer in the morning (winner!), but then when you arrive at work people will ask if you're "feeling okay" because you look "tired".

So is makeup actually worth it? With the help of Buzzfeed, we've weighed up the pros and cons of sticking on the slap...

Pros of makeup:

:: It offers a vast improvement to your face, especially on those days when you're tired and pale and generally looking like The Scream.

:: There are lots of interesting tools that you can use.

Cons of makeup:

:: It's a complete and utter faff. You face numerous risks including mascara blobs, clown blusher syndrome, lipstick on your teeth and, of course, rogue eyeliner on your eyelid crease. It's like a makeup minefield - but focused solely on your mush.

:: You try and watch tutorials, but to no avail. Either you simply can't replicate the look they're going for or you get bored, switch off and become distracted by the awesome array of tea and biscuits in your downstairs cupboard.

:: It's messy - hello bronzer stains on your cream carpet.

:: You can't understand how half of the interesting tools work.

:: You end up buying far too much makeup and don't use half of it - thanks beauty bloggers and Superdrug three for two deals.

The thing is, regardless of whether you fork out loads on makeup or not. You're just going to take it all off at the end of the day anyway...

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