John Bishop Quits Twitter After Receiving Abuse Messages From ‘Scumbags'

Comedian John Quits Twitter After Abusive Messages

Comedian John Bishop has quit Twitter, after receiving a number of abusive messages on the social networking site.

While the popular Liverpudlian has over 2.7million followers, he has also been on the receiving end of a number of unpleasant tweets.

John Bishop

John announced his plan to take a break from the site, writing: “I am taking some time off Twitter.

“I can take anything but when scumbags have a forum to abuse people I love I think it's time to move away.”

Just one day before announcing his Twitter hiatus, John responded to one troll, writing: ”you are a shithouse wanker who deserves no attention so you won't get any and you can rot in your own bile. You sad loser.” [sic]

At present, it appears that the user’s account has now been suspended.

John isn’t the first celebrity to quit the site after being sent abuse. Earlier this year, Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda took a break from the site, when she received a number of sickening tweets following her father’s death.

‘Little Britain’ star Matt Lucas also took a break from Twitter due to abusive tweets while Jennifer Lawrence has vowed never to join the website.

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