01/12/2014 11:30 GMT | Updated 01/12/2014 13:59 GMT

Cyber Monday Is Every Day: 6 Warnings That Online Shopping Has Become Too Easy, Too Fast

The 1st December is Cyber Monday, which is set to be the biggest day of the year for online shopping.

It is noticeably different from Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving in America, when many people are on holiday and visit shops to search for pre-Christmas discounts.

Cyber Monday is the peak time of the year for eCommerce. In 2013, it was the biggest online shopping day in history, according to IBM, and this year it's set to be even bigger as more people choose to shop through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The UK is at the forefront of this: 90% of internet users in the UK now shop online, ahead of 70% in the US, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Thanks to developments like super-fast broadband, the explosion in online shopping has been so rapid that there are still murky, unresolved issues around privacy and payment details, although big companies like Google and Apple are starting to offer clearer information to shoppers.

Here are six signs why online shopping may have become too easy, too fast, from Andrew Wyckoff, head of the Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation at the OECD.

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