Little Girl Lets Cow Into The House - For A Cuddle (Video)

We have a new contender for Mooooost Patient Parent of the Year - this remarkably kind mum who kept her cool when her young daughter brought a cow home.

Into the house. Without any warning. Or protective newspaper for cow pats.

The brilliant footage of the little girl trying to explain where she got the cow from, and why said cow is lounging in the family home, was uploaded to YouTube by her mum (or Moooooom in America), with the subject: 'Oops I let the cow in'.

It shows the little girl attempting to explain that the front door was open and the cow just breezed on it.

Mum ain't buying it, one little bit, but indulges her daughter as she attempts to cover the fact that she (most probably) brought the cow into the porch herself.

Story continues after the video

There's a slight wobble for the mini Doctor Dolittle when she realises the cow has grazed its leg, but harmony is restored when she sits down, in the porch, with the cow, and has a nice cuddle.

Until the cow slobbers that is.

It's not known how long the cow stayed in the house, or if in fact it's still there.

Well, we can dream.

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