Madonna Goes Topless In New Photo-Shoot, Discusses How Drug Use Influenced Songs On Her Album (NSFW PICS)

Madonna Goes Topless For New Photo-Shoot

Madonna may be into her fourth decade in the music industry, but she’s still not showing any signs of relenting as one of the most provocative and polarising stars on the planet, after posing topless for her latest photo-shoot.


The pop icon shows it all off in the new pictures for 'Interview' magazine, where she - bizarrely enough - also sits down for a chat about recording her forthcoming album with magician and professional glass box-dweller, David Blaine.


The arrival of the topless photos follows a statement she posted on her Instagram last week, when she appeared to be taking a pop at the social media site for hosting photos of Kim Kardashian’s bare bum, but not allowing photos of bare boobs on the site.

Its confusing. Nipples are considered forbidden and provocative but exposing your ass is not. #flummoxed

Una foto pubblicata da Madonna (@madonna) in data:

In the interview, Madonna discusses the themes which feature on her forthcoming 13th album, including a track called ‘Devil Prays’, which was influenced by drug use.

Madonna, apparently wearing marigolds. Is she about to do the dishes? In sunglasses? We have SO MANY QUESTIONS

Quite what that has to do with whipping her boobs out, we’re not sure, but at least we’re pleased to see Madonna is still willing to push the envelope as far as she can.

The singer later discusses how her son directly influenced one of the tracks, saying: “My son came to the studio the other day and said he didn't want to go home.

“I said, ‘No, you have to go home; it's time for bed.’ And he said, ‘Mom, I feel like I'm isolated from your heart.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that's a good line. I have to use that.’”


Last week, a track thought to be the lead single from her upcoming release, ‘Rebel Heart’, leaked online, getting us seriously excited for her new album.

In short, the wheels are in motion for a new Madonna era.

Read her full interview in the latest issue of Interview magazine.

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