Star Wars: Andy Serkis Overwhelmed By Reaction To His Voiceover On First Trailer Of JJ Abrams' Reboot

EXCLUSIVE: Andy Serkis 'Overwhelmed' By Response To Star Wars Trailer With His Voice

Andy Serkis, whose voice is behind the thrilling new 'Star Wars' trailer, has revealed he wasn't prepared for the response to its release.

"JJ said, 'Andy, your voice is in the trailer,' and I just thought, 'that's great,'" he tells HuffPostUK.

"Of course, I knew everybody was waiting for the trailer, but somehow I didn't really connect the two."

And, for anyone worrying that director JJ Abrams's effort might not live up to the original trilogy, Andy Serkis has good news...

"It is amazing to be part of, and (Abrams) he's made such an incredible job of it, and honouring the original."

Asked if the project is in safe hands, Andy nods, "Oh, yes," before zipping up on any more info.

Andy Serkis had no idea his voiceover for 'Star Wars' would have such an effect on waiting fans

The minute and a half long clip was jumped on by fans across the world when it was released on Friday.

It features a handful of the movie’s characters, following Andy's rather ominous voiceover introduction, beginning: “There has been an awakening... Have you felt it?”

There was a lot of speculation that it was Benedict Cumberbatch's voice being used, something that amuses Andy Serkis a lot.

"I'm rather glad he can take some of the glory. He needs a little bit of help at the moment."

Andy Serkis is known the world over for his unforgettable portrayal of Gollum in 'Lord of the Rings'

Andy has his own fanbase after his extraordinary portrayal of Gollum in the 'Lord of the Rings' series, as well as in 'The Hobbit'. He also played Cesar in 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' and King Kong in Peter Jackson's remake of the woman-meets-beast love story.

The 88-second clip of the new 'Star Wars' also contains new images of the Millennium Falcon in a battle with TIE Fighters, and a army of stormtroopers ready for battle.

Another scene features a mysterious hooded and cloaked figure, carrying a new type of lightsaber which has side blades.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is due for release in December 2015. Director JJ Abrams has remained keen to keep the plot a secret and the film's full title was revealed just weeks ago.

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