02/12/2014 07:37 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Big Sister-To-Be Is The Star Of Cute Pregnancy Announcement


Creative parents-to-be are coming up with so many thoughtful and original ways to break their new baby news to friends and family, wowing with inspired takes on the pregnancy announcement, from impressively elaborate to the cheesy-but-cute.

The latest one, like so many of the best, enlists the help of a (soon to be) older sibling to share the happy news.

Reddit user cride11, a frequent poster to the site's dad discussion forum, Daddit, shared a photo of his one-year-old daughter, Alexandria - impossibly cute in her floral headband - holding up a blackboard titled 'To-do List', with a list of milestones chalked up on it.

The first four - enter the world, steal hearts, learn to crawl, learn to walk - have all been ticked off. But there's a new task on the list, yet to be completed - 'become a big sister'.

Alexandria is going to have to wait until April 18 next year to begin her latest challenge, according to the due date chalked on the blackboard - but we're sure she'll be a natural!

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