Let's Pretend This 'Bear Chases Man With GoPro' Video Isn't Fake

This is the horrifying moment that YouTuber Mr. Gregor was definitely chased by a real bear.

The terrifying pursuit, which definitely isn't low quality CGI, takes place during one of Mr. Gregor's routine GoPro cycles in the forest.

But to his despair, the cyclist looks behind him to see a definitely real and absolutely not fake bear!

The GoPro enthusiast is able to put some distance between him and the grizzly, meaning he was probably cycling at over 30mph. All this changes, however, when a very unfortunately placed branch blocks his path!

Doing what any sane person would do, Mr. Gregor hops off his bike and runs behind a very thin tree. The crafty trick works, bamboozling the bear despite its incredibly keen sense of smell.

Luckily for the protagonist, some low quality gunshots in the distance cause his foe to wander off slowly.

Thank you, Mr. Gregor, for showing us how to escape a grizzly attack. The world is safe from definitely real bears for another day.

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