02/12/2014 11:14 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parents Surprise Their Little Girl With A Kitten (Video)


A mum and dad surprise their daughter on her birthday with a pet kitten, and her reaction is simply adorable.

We dare you to watch without cracking a smile!

In the video, six-year-old Brooklyn lifts a piece of tissue paper from the gift bag her parents hand her, and she is astonished to see a gorgeous Persian cat inside.

"I can't believe my eyes!" she repeats over and over, as she gets to know her new furry friend.

The story behind the cute video just makes it even more special. Brooklyn had been devastated by the death of the family's elderly cats and pleaded for a kitten to fill the hole, but her parents had decided against it. But that was just the beginning...

Brooklyn's mum works in a vet surgery, where she recently looked after six newborn kittens born via emergency caesarean section.

Sadly, all but two passed away over days following the birth. The cat's owner had planned to sell the remaining siblings, but one was poorly with heart problems that made him an unlikely candidate for sale.

At this point, Brooklyn's mother decided to renege on their previous stance on getting a new cat - after all, this all sounds a lot like fate - and bring the kitty with the dodgy ticker home.

After eight weeks of care and recuperation, he was ready to move in and meet his new owner. And as anyone can see from the cute video, he has a devoted friend in Brooklyn.

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