Tom Cruise Films Fifth 'Mission Impossible' Film In London's Piccadilly Circus. (Almost) No One Notices (VIDEO, PICS)

Tom Films In Piccadilly Circus. No One Notices.

Tom Cruise is used to performing his fair share of dangerous stunts in the 'Mission Impossible' films, but he faced one of his toughest challenges yet whilst filming the latest instalment in central London: dodging tourists and traffic in Piccadilly Circus.

Never mind swinging from the top of skyscrapers in Dubai, it takes a very brave man to take on one of the busiest junctions in the country. Throw in a load of people who have absolutely no idea where they're going and… well, rather you than us, Tom.

The 51-year-old star looked like he was taking it all in his stride though, as he was seen laughing with crew members as they filmed scenes for the fifth film in the series.

And as this was Piccadilly Circus, there were no road closures, so the filming was done on handheld cameras, which meant the star could go about his (show) business almost unrecognised.

We say almost, because four sharp-eyed bobbies did spot Tom and wasted no time in getting a snap of them posing with the star.

Watch the video above to see Tom in action on the streets of London and click below to see just what a versatile actor he is (no, really).


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