Butch The Dog: Stray, Dying Boston Terrier Adopted By Family For Final Few Weeks

Butch had been wandering the streets eating rubbish for 2 years before Alicia Buzbee found him in November.

Buzbee took the Boston Terrier to a vet, to find he had limited lung capacity, a leaky trachea and a swollen heart.

Humane euthanasia seemed like the only option, so Alicia and her daughter decided to shower him with food and gifts, showing him the best last few days they possibly could.

They even threw a goodbye party for him before he was put down.

When it sadly became time for Butch to part with this world, Alicia's family made sure to tell him how much they loved him.

She said: "I wanted him to hear those words and see those faces of the people who love him."