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Family Given 25ft Christmas Tree Which Bursts Through The Roof - One Year After Burglars Stole Their Presents


Two children who have been too scared to sleep in their own beds since burglars ransacked their home and stole their Christmas presents last year have been given an early Christmas treat.

Christmas this year is looking up for the Penniston family, from Maulden, Bedfordshire - quite literally if they want to see the fairies on top of their 25ft Christmas tree, which bursts through the roof of their house! Parents, Nicola, 35, and Christopher, 38, returned home from sledging with their two children, Jasmine, 12, and Finlay, seven, to find a giant tree covered in more than 100 metres of sparkling Christmas lights had sprung up in their living room.


The tree is so tall that it had to be divided into three sections, with the middle part in Finlay's bedroom and the third on the roof.

The family were selected to receive the enormous gift as part of Marks & Spencer's Two Fairies campaign, which aims to give trees to deserving families and organisations across the UK.

On December 13, 2013, the Pennistons returned from a Christmas shopping trip to find their front door wide open and their Christmas presents gone. Also missing were both of the children's first teeth and the family photo albums.


No one has ever been caught in relation to the burglary, and Finlay and Jasmine felt too scared to sleep in their rooms for months and have only recently started to feel comfortable again in their own home.

"Last Christmas was a tough time for us – we just didn't have a Christmas at all in the end," said Nicola.

"The most upsetting part was losing all the irreplaceable items, we've just had to come to terms with the realisation that we'll never be able to replace them.

"It's so nice of the two fairies, they've really made our Christmas – the kids are beside themselves with excitement!"


Finlay said: "This is the most epic Christmas we've ever had. I couldn't believe it when I saw the tree! I don't know how the fairies did it.

"Last Christmas I was scared to even go in my bedroom, now it's the best room ever!"

Described by M&S as ' the most stunning Christmas tree in the UK', the tree is indeed jawdropping in its dimensions.

It's so wide that Finlay may end up battling baubles in his sleep, and watching the Queen's speech on TV in the living room may be something of a struggle (well at least they have that as an excuse)!

As part of the Two Fairies campaign, a further 49 trees are set to be delivered to families and organisations who are nominated by the public on Twitter. If you know someone who deserves some Christmas cheer this year, tweet @thetwofairies explaining why they should get a festive present.

Very festive - but can you imagine taking it to a recycling centre in January?!

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