'Neighbours From Hell' May Be Our New Favourite Instagram Account

People's Text Exchanges With Their Neighbours From Hell May Make You Despair For Humanity

Or to put it more accurately: 'Neighbors From Hell' May Be Our New Favorite Instagram Account. Because 'Neighbors From Hell' is an American Instagram account - although we feel its message is universal.

And that message is: the people living next door to you (or indeed, above or below you) may be human - but some show less humanity than others. And when it comes to dealing with those people, text messaging is probably a very bad idea. As these examples prove...

Charming, we're sure you'll agree. And if you too are an unfortunate sufferer of Bad Neighbour Syndrome, just send your text exchanges to the account at YourNeighborsFromHell@gmail.com or via Instagram direct message. In the meantime, we'll keep you in our prayers.


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