9 Reasons You Need A Tablet And A Laptop

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While many gadgets have come and gone, the humble laptop has managed to stick around since the 1980s. But could it be in danger of extinction?

The laptop is under fire from the tablet onslaught, with the phenomenal success of the iPad driving competition from the likes of Samsung, Microsoft, Asus and Google.

Some makers are now promising that their latest models can eradicate the need to own a laptop. But we’re not so easily convinced. If fact, we’d go so far as to say that most tablets simply cannot replace a laptop, for the simple reason that they’re not supposed to.

Obviously, it depends largely on what you do - if you only browse the web and check Facebook then, sure, a tablet will probably see you through. However, if you use your laptop for work or gaming then using a tablet as a replacement isn’t going to be quite as easy.

While a tablet may cause you to use your laptop less, it’s unlikely to give you enough confidence to scrap your computer permanently.

We’re not convinced that you should bin your computer just yet and on that note we’ve come up with nine reasons you need a tablet AND a laptop…

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9 Reasons You Need A Tablet And A Laptop