'Boyoncé' All-Male Parody Of Beyoncé's '7/11' Video Is Even Better Than The Original


When Beyoncé released the video for her latest single '7/11' last week, she almost broke the internet. (Sorry, Kim.)

But now a group of men called 'Boyoncé' - see what they did there? - are following in Queen Bey's well-heeled footsteps, by creating a parody of the hit video. And we kind of think it's even better than the original. If you haven't seen the original scroll down, we've included it below.

Simply swap Bey's all-female cast for a bunch of guys, the hotel room for an apartment, and that 'Kale' jumper for... well... kale, and you've got yourself a perfect parody.

Well done, guys. (And they didn't even drop any alcohol.)

[H/T People]

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