05/12/2014 08:58 GMT | Updated 09/12/2014 10:59 GMT

Creative Ad Campaign Videos That Broke Our Hearts In 2014

YouTube/John Lewis
Still from John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014

Viral campaign videos from charities and businesses have become an embedded part of popular culture.

So much so that when the annual John Lewis Christmas advert hit our screens this year, the British public were ready and waiting to have their heart strings tugged once again.

Would Britain's best loved department store (in our opinion) win the Internet again?

Luckily, that now-infamous lonely penguin did not let us down.

Short films are a fantastic way to get strong messages across, whether you're aiming to raise awareness of profound issues, or sell some home-ware. And 2014 has seen some extraordinary examples of engaging video content.

From provocative documentaries on women's body image to experiments with human behaviour, we've been gripped by these three-minute conversation-starters, brought to you by innovative production teams from around the world.

Here are 10 videos that were shared across the globe...