04/12/2014 12:08 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Letter To Santa: Eight-Year-Old Tries To Emotionally Blackmail Father Christmas

Writing a letter to Santa is all part of what makes Christmas so exciting for children.


But an eight-year-old called Emily decided that her wish list was more of a must-have list – so she resorted to emotional blackmail to ensure she gets EXACTLY what she's demanded asked for!

In Emily's threatening hilarious letter, shared by her uncle Orangeworker on Reddit and shared hundreds of times, the determined girl writes: "I don't want all the other nine (9) things on the list I set to my father (dad).

"I only want the puppy."

She continued: "Every time I think about not getting a puppy, it makes me sadder and sadder.

"I just want a little puppy. Just one. All I'm asking for is one little puppy."

And, in case Santa needed any help deciding on WHICH puppy to get, she adds casually" Perhaps a labrador, German Shepherd or a husky."

She ends her note with a subtle conditional 'thank you' to Santa Claus, which she means if, and only if, there is a puppy wrapped under her tree on Christmas.

Emily wants a puppy, Santa. Got that?

Unfortunately, little Emily is in for a bit of a disappointment on Christmas morning, for her uncle has revealed that she won't be getting the gift of her dreams.

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