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First Grown-up Christmas? The Only 10 Things You'll Need

10 Ways To Have A Properly Grown-Up Christmas
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There's nothing quite like holding your first Christmas at home.

Whether you're going the whole hog and hibernating indoors from December 24, or simply decorating your flat for the first time, it feels a bit like passing your driving test. Bloomin' amazing.

Suddenly those winter wonderland high-street displays take on new meaning.

You buy small baskets and fill them with baubles. Your partner finds you hanging off the sofa attempting to hang fairy lights artistically over a clip-frame. And when you see a make-it-yourself Christmas cake set in a local supermarket, well, the gloves are off.

The key to making your first Christmas a success is to focus on the superficial. Yes, you read that correctly. Nothing about Christmas planning is profound.

(Don't worry: the emotions will come later, after a particularly intense mulled wine and Pictionary session).

While you might think your mum and dad are actual Christmas geniuses. In fact, it's all showmanship. And a strategic trip to HomeSense.

With a beautiful and unique selection of one-off homewares to help you decorate your tree, serve up your Christmas feast and make the first Christmas you host a memorable one for all of the right reasons, a trip to your local HomeSense store is a must when it comes to celebrating a grown-up Christmas.

With branded homeware and accessories at up to 60% off the RRP and a range of furnishings to suit a variety of tastes and budgets, HomeSense's selection will help you create the illusion of time and effort without the stress or prohibitive expense. Result!

We're talking flickering lights, easy-access snack food, wall-to-wall decorations, festive tunes and - of course - a massive tree.

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