Food and Drink To Avoid Before Bed Including Popcorn, Onion Rings And Cake

You Should Definitely Steer Clear Of These Foods Before Bed

If you struggle to drift off at night, it could be because you're eating the wrong things before bed.

There are a number of foods (and beverages) that you should probably avoid if you plan on getting a good night's sleep. These include:

Sugary desserts

Food jammed with sugar (we're looking at you chocolate cake and ice cream) are an absolute nightmare for enabling you to sleep well. They're also loaded with fat which is bad news for your waistline and health. Sugary foods will also make your digestion system work extra hard to break it down.

Fried food

As much as you love a plate of onion rings, they're not the kind of food you want to shovel down your throat before bed. Unless, of course, you love a bit of heartburn.

Red meat

Burgers and steak are great for lunch, but before bed? Not so much. Red meat is also high in protein and fat which takes extra time to digest.

Movie popcorn

As much as you love the stuff, and we do too, it happens to be one of the least ideal foods for your digestive system to cope with before you go to sleep. Hello major bloating. Plus toppings such as salt, butter and cheese will make you super thirsty.

Dried fruit

It's a good replacement for sugary snacks, just not before bed. Dried fruit also contains sugar so will keep you up at night, but it's also high in fibre which can result in stomach bloating. And that's the last thing you want.


It might knock you out at bedtime, but your night's sleep will be far from perfect. And you'll wake up feeling like your head's been put in a blender. Not great.


As good as it is for you, drinking too much water before bed will play havoc with your bladder. Meaning your sleep will be disrupted throughout the night with incessant toilet breaks.