Red Bull Trophies Stolen In Daring Milton Keynes Factory Raid

More than 60 trophies won by Red Bull have been stolen in a daring smash and grab burglary at the Formula One team's factory in Milton Keynes.

Up to six men were in a vehicle that was driven through the front entrance of the factory north of London early Saturday. Police say night staff on the premises at the time were not harmed.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says the value of the trophies to the team is "extraordinarily high due to the sheer hard work and effort that went into winning each and every one.

Pictures show damage from ram-raid at Red Bull Racing where F1 trophies were stolen

— BBC News England (@BBCEngland) December 6, 2014

"But their intrinsic value is low; they would be of little benefit to those outside of the team and, in addition to that, many of the trophies on display were replicas."

Red Bull has won four constructors' titles and its former driver Sebastian Vettel won the world championship four times.

"The break-in caused significant damage and was very upsetting for our night officers who were on duty at the time.

Sebastian Vettel poses next to the Red Bull Racing trophy cabinet during a visit to the Red Bull Racing Factory on December 2, 2014 in Milton Keynes

"Beyond the aggressive nature of this break-in, we are perplexed why anyone would take these trophies," Horner added.

"The actions of these men mean it's likely that we will have to make our site less accessible in the future, which will be unfair on the hundreds of fans that travel to visit our factory each year to see our trophies and our Formula 1 car," he said.