Christmas Jumpers: 22 Affordable Styles

Christmas Jumpers: 22 Affordable Styles

How many days until Christmas? Oh loads yet, but it's never too early to get on the Christmas jumper bandwagon.

Owning a chintzy, OTT, light up jumper for the office party, all those festive lunches lined up with friends and - potentially - on the big day itself, is essential.


The Christmas jumper craze gets bigger and more blatant every year - we're talking 3D motifs, sparkly snowflakes, buttons, belts, glitter and unfathomable amounts of fluff.

Updating last year's is a must, which is why we've picked 22 affordable styles for you to shop. Take a flick through this gallery and let the festivities begin!

If you're after something cheap and overly cheerful, Primark is your go-to destination. And don't leave it to the last minute - believe it or not, these beauties always sell out. The best buys? We're torn between the 3D Christmas patchwork jumper (£12) and the red 3D stocking one (£12) this year.

Then there's New Look's Coca-Cola Christmas sweatshirt (£19.99) - it's perfect if you're a sucker for the whole 'Holidays are coming' thing. The Rudolf style from George at Asda (£10) is also super cute and has a whole line of styles if you want something that nods ever so slightly towards stylish.

That said, the Christmas jumper is not about "fashion." It's about festive spirit, cheer, and concealing the Quality Street-filled tum you've got going on. Happy shopping!

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