Sony PSN Is Down After Second Major Attack By Hackers

Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) is down after becoming the latest victim in a series of attacks by the hacking group 'Lizard Squad'.

Using a DDoS or distributed denial of service attack, the hackers were able to bombard Sony's network with traffic, overloading the servers and forcing them to crash.

Shortly after the services went down, 'Lizard Squad' tweeted that they were responsible for the attack saying:

Sony Entertainment Network has confirmed that they're aware of the attack and are currently working on a solution.

This is the latest in a series of attacks towards gaming services by 'Lizard Squad' who were able to shut down Xbox Live last week along with a claim that it would be just a 'small dose' of what gamers could expect over Christmas.

It's believed that 'Lizard Squad' are a group of Russian-based hackers -- although this is fairly difficult to prove --who appear to have no motive other than to disrupt gaming services like Xbox Live and PSN.