Russell Brand's Potential Twitter Ban Is Making The Internet Eat Itself Alive

Twitter may well fall over backwards in confusion after polarising comedian Russell Brand tweeted the mobile number of a journalist from polarising newspaper The Daily Mail to his 8 million followers, setting off one of the most epic moral dilemmas of our time.

Brand tweeted the details to 8.7 million people

Brand could be banned from Twitter as the tweet violated the social network's policy which forbids users to reveal the confidential information about people without their permission.

"Twitter reserves the right to immediately terminate your account without further notice" if these rules are broken, the platform's guidelines state.

Twitter had not responded to requests for comment at the time of publication, but Brand has one of the highest followings in Britain on the social media site.

Brand, also recently attacked by The Sun, which commissioned a poll to 'prove' the nation agreed with it that Brand was "a hypocrite" and wasn't funny - has always been anarchic in his actions. But he may have gone too far in exposing a man to potential harassment by millions.

But the internet - and the media - are struggling to respond coherently after two of Britain's most divisive powerhouses came up against each other.

There were the pro-Daily Mail tweeters:

The pro-Brands:

Those who appeared to support Brand but were actually having a go at him:

Those who pointed out that one Daily Mail reporter is not the whole Daily Mail:

And others who were simply unable to cope with the dilemma facing them: