10/12/2014 07:17 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Fashion Rules For The Office Christmas Party

Party season is in full swing, which means there are endless swanky, sparkly, champagne-fuelled nights to look forward to.

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On the annual office Christmas party front, however, there are strict rules to follow in order to avoid venturing into fashion faux pas territory. And eternal embarrassment, no one wants that.


Here's a heads up on 5 all-important style rules to stick to when it comes to rubbing shoulders with your colleagues this year. Keeping your professional cool is key.

1. Don't do the strapless bodycon thing.

This is just asking for trouble, especially when the booze is a flowing and you're likely to pull out your Beyoncé '7/11' routine. You will find yourself in a boobs-out situation.

CelebBoutique/ Browns/ House of Fraser

2. Platform stilettos are out.

As if anyone can walk in these - post round of Jagerbombs or not. The look it understated-glam not Christmas drag. Heels are fine, just don't opt for anything sky-high.


3. Resist any urge to wear a tiara (or any variety of headband with ears).

Two things: You are not a child and this is not Halloween fancy dress.

If it's freezing outside then go for a chic faux fur headband or black earmuffs (to wear to and from) but pom pom ears will not complete your Christmas party ensemble.

River Island/ Accessorize/ Topshop

4. Plunging and cut-out are out of the question.

Again with the décolletage reveal - there's a time and a place, this is not it.


5. Do not experiment with an OTT beauty trend.

We're all for a bold, statement-making shade when it comes to makeup but the office crowd are just not ready for green eyes, glitter and your new falsies.


So there's a few no, nos for the Xmas bash, here's a few looks that you could definitely pull off in style...