11/12/2014 06:47 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Seeing Double! Hilarious Video Shows Baby Baffled By Twins

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A baby's first encounter with twins has been captured in what is one of the funniest baby videos we've seen this year.

The little boy is seriously perplexed as to how what appears to be the same baby girl can be plonked next to him on both his left and his right.

He looks at the girl on his right, then slowly turns to look at the girl on his left, before turning to the camera with his eyes wide and his mouth open, as if silently asking the question: 'How can this be possible?!'

It's an expression that will be familiar to many parents of twins, who will themselves have pulled the very same face while trying to work out just how they're going to cope with two babies at once!

He also seems confused as to why one of the identically dressed babies is crying, while the other is sitting happily.

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The super cute video had clocked up more than 137,600 views within 14 hours of being posted on Facebook - unsurprising as we've found that one viewing is not enough.

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