12/12/2014 21:30 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Beard Baubles Are A Thing This Christmas, Guys

Beard Baubles are a thing this Christmas. No really, all the hipster guys are wearing them.

Beard Baubles

And the best bit is, this variety of hair accessory can be yours for just £5. Perfect for a trendy Secret Santa, no? And you thought those ugly Christmas suits were the best novelty gifts going this year.

Advertising agency Grey London started the craze for the old annual company Christmas card, and due to the mass demand the designers Pauline Ashford and Mike Kennedy put them on sale.

Unfortunately the entire internet found out about these mini metallic baubles (complete with bobbin pins) and they sold out.

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The company website does, however, reassure those with bare, non-Christmassy beards that new stock will be in over the coming week. Thank God.

Beard Baubles

The whole idea behind these nifty little beard accessories was to benefit Beard Season.

For those not familiar with all things beard, it's an Australian charity that raises awareness for melanoma by asking men to grow out their beards during the winter months. All proceeds from sales of Beard Baubles will go to Beard Season.

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And because we ladies LOVE a guy with a good (full) beard here's a look at some classics. George Clooney is just for starters...

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