Grandmother Caught Stealing Eggs To Feed Family Is Left 'Overwhelmed' By Kind Policeman

If this isn't a lesson in the importance of giving back then we don't know what is...

A grandmother who was caught stealing eggs to feed her starving family was left overwhelmed by a policeman's kindness.

Helen Johnson, a 47-year-old mother and grandmother, was caught stealing eggs from Dollar General in Tarrant, Alabama after she realised she didn't have enough money for them - she needed 50 cents more.

After being caught with broken eggs in her pocket, a kind-hearted police officer bought her a new box of eggs, hugged her and then proceeded to give her two weeks worth of food shopping.

"I was just getting eggs and now that's saved my life,'' Johnson told "I've never been more grateful in my life. I'm so overwhelmed with the goodness of these people."

The family of six - comprising Johnson's two daughters, a niece and two grandchildren - had gone without food for two days.

Money coming into the house was limited. On this occasion, the family were relying on a $120 welfare handout for Johnson's daughter. Sadly, the cheque had gotten lost in the post. Johnson also receives a disability check, which they were also waiting for.

Johnson went to Dollar General with $1.25 and thought that would be enough to buy a carton of eggs. She then realised that she was 50 cents short, and in desperation, put the five eggs into her pocket.

"Of course when I put them in my jacket pocket they broke,'' Johnson said. "I'm not a good thief at all."

She was then stopped by a shop assistant who asked if she had tried to steal the eggs. She admitted that she had, and they told her that they'd already called the police.

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Police Officer William Stacy arrived and told her to stay put. He then went back into the shop and purchased Johnson a box of eggs.

"She started crying, she got very emotional and was very apologetic,'' Stacy said. "She tried to give me the money she had on her, $1.25."

And the kindness doesn't stop there. Officer Stacy and his colleagues have since delivered food hampers to Johnson's home to feed her and her family throughout the Christmas period.

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