US State Trials App That Would Put Your Driving Licence On Your Phone

The US state of Iowa is looking set to become on of the first places in the world where you'll have your driving licence as an app on your iPhone.

While the app wouldn't replace the plastic licence it will be considered as valid, so can be used with the police and to gain access to age-restricted places and goods.

The app is being developed for Android and iOS and while Iowa had hoped to launch it some time this year it looks like there have been some privacy complications.

Initially the app would be locked via a PIN however concerns have been raised that this form of verification wouldn't be enough for something as sensitive as a driving licence.

Another issue would be how law enforcement would interact with the app prompting concerns about handing over your phone to the police.

The Department of Transport however plans to implement a system that would mean the police would simply scan the licence from the screen of your phone.

MorphoTrust USA is developing the app and has been working on driver's licence technology for nearly half a century. The company was the first to introduce a photo with a driver's licence in 1958.