16/12/2014 13:00 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Father Christmas Threatens To Spy On 'Naughty' Child In Letter Written By Mum

A mum gave her 'naughty' daughter a letter from Father Christmas threatening to spy on her in her bedroom to make sure she was behaving herself.

In a very un-festive act of psychological cruelty, the mum – presumably at her wits' end - posed as Santa to tell her child she was on his 'naughty list' for fighting with her sister, answering back to her parents and having an untidy room.

It starts, ominously: "You have 10 days to straighten up your act."

And then concludes that Father Christmas had 'access to the cameras in the house so he can 'keep a better watch'.

The astonishing letter was posted to Reddit by the mum's brother.

It reads:

"Dear Lydia,

I am sending this letter to let you know that as of right now you are on the NAUGHTY list.

You have 10 days to straighten up and behave to try and get back on the NICE list.

This means no smacking your sister, or talking back to your parents, you also need to clean your room.

I will be watching and getting reports from your parents.

I had them give me access to the cameras in the house so I can keep a better watch.

I'm watching,

Santa Claus"

After receiving a letter like that, we'd be surprised if little Lydia says so much as boo to a goose ever again.

Let's hope Santa gives her parents a big sack of money to pay for all the counselling their daughter's going to need in the future!

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