The Best Moments Of 2014 Recreated In Play-Doh, Just Like No One Asked For


In case you haven't realised yet, 2014 is currently being 'reviewed' in literally every possible way.

We've got the year in drones and the year in GoPros. We have the year in Twitter, Google and Facebook and the year in Lego.

Now Play-Doh have moulded their own review out of fudgy coloured goo. It must have taken them hours. Like, a couple of hours at least.

This is something for which we are all supposed to be grateful. So why does it feel like the Earth just opened up and swallowed us whole into some kind of doughy, clay-like vortex of doom?

It was the 20th anniversary of Friends

Playdoh 'Moments of 2014'

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