17/12/2014 16:26 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Christmas Is Over - Here's How To Survive Til Next Year

It's over for another year. Boo. I want Christmas back – I like being able to hum carols all day, drink champers at 10am and eat six Yorkshire puddings in one sitting.

But alas, it's not possible anymore because Santa's been and gone and it's time for us to be proper adults again. No reindeer onsie, no horrifically tacky bauble earrings, no wearing a paper crown for 12 hours straight.

Christmas 2013

If, like me, you have a major dose of the post-Christmas blues here's a few tips for getting through the next 364 days. Because you can't spend the next year checking the Christmas countdown clock – it will drive you a wee bit mental.

1. Get on the New Year's Eve bandwagon immediately. Get your frock ready, get the bevies poured, be enthusiastic about the next reason to celebrate.

2. Do what I do and buy treat yourself a little Christmas present every pay day. It makes it all a lot easier. Only something small though, the big boys are best saved for Christmas Day.

3. Realistically you can get away with keeping all of your twinkling decorations up until mid January or the end of the month at a real push. So even though it's not the real thing, it will make you a lot happier.

4. Be brave and break the rules, sod it - mulled wine can and will be consumed all year round. Who made that silly rule anyway? Uh. Idiots.

5. Cold turkey (sorry to mention turkey) is the best method. No Christmas chat until at least late October, it brings on too many happy emotions and you'll be desperately checking that countdown clock again.

Luckily for me, my birthday is almost six months after Christmas. If yours isn't, then why not have a second one on June 25. If the Queen can get away with it, so can you!

Never fear, you can survive this.

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