Comedy Group's Spoof Video Shows Why Men Should Never Make Tampon Adverts

This Is Why Men Should Never Make Tampon Adverts

Do you know a man who struggles to say the word "period" without blushing? Do you know a man who's possibly unsure about what a period actually involves?

Yep, so do we. And so do the members of New York University's sketch comedy group Hammerkatz.

Their spoof video 'Tampon Commercial Created By Men' has clocked up over 300,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, so we're guessing a lot of other ladies can also relate.

Lines like “Tampax is the right fit for everybody, no matter how heavy your flow is or how tiny your butt hole is...because that’s where tampons go” make it a must see.

Seriously guys, that's what Google's for...

1. There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Flow.

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