Black Friday: The Day Cards Against Humanity Sold 30,000 Boxes Of Actual Bull Sh*t

Did you come home with bags of worthless crap on Black Friday? At least you didn't buy a box of actual poo, like these 30,000 unfortunate shoppers.

On 28 November, the makers of outrageous card game Cards Against Humanity removed their game from sale and instead sold $180,000 worth of bull faeces to customers in a protest against consumerism.

The popular card game usually involves players choosing the card with the most humourous (and almost always offensive) answer to a question, with cards including "chunks of dead prostitute" and "kids with bum cancer".

However these ones were slightly different. At $6 a box, the dubious gifts, labelled simply 'Bullshit by Cards Against Humanity', were a steal. Especially as each one cost the company $5.80 to make, meaning their total profit from the prank was just $6,000 (all of which they donated to poverty charity Heifer International).

The company never told customers that they were buying anything other than poo. In a statement on their website, Cards Against Humanity said: "To help you experience the ultimate savings on Cards Against Humanity this Black Friday, we’ve removed the game from our store, making it impossible to purchase.

"Instead, we’re offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy some new bullshit."

But some still hoped that the company's promise meant they might receive something a little more present-worthy, like an extra card. This is despite co-founder Max Temkin's transparency about the product on Twitter:

Writing on his blog, Temkin said: "Nothing is funnier to us than the culture jamming that happens on Black Friday - people who run up to a Best Buy moments before it opens to a huge line and u-lock the doors shut, and these pranks are our little contribution."

He added: "$6 might be a lot for a gag, but it’s a pretty good price to get an article about poop in Business Insider."