Amputee Successfully Controls Robotic Arms Using Just His Thoughts

Man Controls Robotic Arms Using Just His Mind

Lee Baugh has become the first man to successfully control two robotic arms with just his mind.

Baugh lost both his arms in an accident over 40 years ago, however thanks to technological breakthroughs he is now the proud owner of two Modular Prosthetic Limbs that he can control using his thoughts.

Created by DARPA and the Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory the state-of-the-art limbs are part of a worn vest so can be removed for further work and upgrades.

The researchers measured the electrical signals that Baugh's brain sent when he imagined moving his arms and hands, they then synced these signals with the prosthetic arms so that when he imagines moving his arm, the robotic arms respond in kind.

For now he'll spend most of his time practicing with the limbs as researchers carefully study how the arms perform with the eventual hope being that Baugh can perform complex tasks.

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