23/12/2014 10:54 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

No Room At The Inn. Babies Banned From School Nativity Play


Nativity plays may centre around the birth of the baby, but it seems that at some school shows babies are about as welcome as Mary and Joesph were on their arrival in Bethlehem.

A primary school in South West England sparked outrage among parents by banning babies from its nativity play, because sitting them on their parents laps would breach 'health an safety' regulations.

This led one father to complain to the Health and Safety Executive's Myth Buster's panel, which was set up to expose misuse of regulations.

The panel ruled against the unnamed school and said it was far more likely the babies were banned 'to prevent them disturbing the performance,' the Sun reports.

Earlier this month a row broke out between parents and the head of another school who had said under threes would not be welcome at the Christmas concert.

Parents were sent a letter asking those who were planning to attend the show at Strand Primary Academy to make 'alternative arrangements' for any younger children.

Headteacher Ms Morrell told The Grimsby Telegraph: "Our young children have very quiet softly spoken voices and it is difficult to hear them in the hall.

"We provided a calm atmosphere for them to focus on performing their part with clarity and developing fluency.

"The play was a success and the children performed well."

What do you think? Should babies be allowed at school plays or do they cause too much disruption?

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