Miley Cyrus Gets Into The Christmas Spirit By Dressing Up As An Elf, Pointing A Gun At Her Head And Errrrm, Drinking A Pint (Of Cash)

Miley Cyrus, as we all know, loves dressing up in some weird and (sometimes) wonderful outfits, but her latest get-up is definitely more the former and less the latter.

The 22-year-old got into the errrrm, festive spirit as only she knows how with this rather fetching cowgirl-stripper-gangsta-elf combo.

I’m calling it ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ (and that’s being kind).

And if the outfit wasn’t bizarre enough, the singer then turned the weird factor up a notch or ten by posing on top of a car bonnet in one snap and ‘drinking’ a pint of cash in another.

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How refreshing.

And this being caring, sharing Miley, well, she couldn’t wait to share the pictures of her new look with her 13.3 million Instagram followers.

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So, if you see one of your younger relatives coming downstairs on Christmas morning wearing an inappropriate elf’s outfit and brandishing a rifle then you know who to file your complaint with.

Happy Christmas!

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