Yodel Denies Christmas Delivery Parcel Backlog So Why Is Everyone Still Complaining?

Yodel Denies Parcel Backlog, The Internet Says Otherwise

A delivery firm plagued by delays after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending spree has claimed it has "no backlog", despite angry customers taking to social media.

Many people have had to cancel orders and buy from elsewhere.

And this doesn't look good...

Or this...

Yodel repeated an apology to customers last night and admitted delays could continue this week for reasons including poor packaging and inaccessible properties.

But Dan seems to have summed up many people's view of the company.

This is despite some people complaining parcels had been lost altogether.

But today executive chairman Dick Stead said he wanted to reassure clients and customers that Yodel had no backlog despite reports of a build-up of parcels in the carrier industry.

He said: "Following reports in a variety of publications this morning regarding a build-up of parcels in the carrier industry, we would like to reassure both our clients and their customers that Yodel has no backlog.

"We have been delivering around a million parcels a day in the run-up to Christmas. Our sort and service centres are working to plan and all parcels that are due to be delivered before Christmas are out for delivery today.

"Deliveries will continue, as usual, until 9pm and all parcels can be tracked on myyodel.co.uk.

"Anyone requiring further assistance can contact our customer services, who are available on webchat and social media until 10pm tonight, as well as via telephone until 6pm."

But even when they are delivered it appears there still might be problems.

But not everyone was left bereft.

Yodel said last week that a backlog following some of the busiest shopping days of the year had been cleared, and insisted it was operating a "normal" service for the Christmas period.

Last night Mr Stead apologised to those having to wait on overdue parcels and advised customers seeking compensation to contact their retailer, "as we do not have sight of their transaction or agreement", the Mirror reported.

He said delays could be caused by a number of different reasons, ranging from address queries to traffic accidents.

But a number of customers have refuted the firm's claim services were running as normal for this time of year, with one describing it as "absolute nonsense".

Responding to the statement that operations are back to normal, one woman posted on Twitter: "Glad to see you keep posting this, usual for parcels saying delivered having not been-#kidsdisappointedcauseofyou."

A male customer from Scotland wrote: "Absolute nonsense. Still waiting for even the courtesy of a call back from your hideous company."


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