'Coffin' Found On Mars

As part of our ongoing search to find evidence of life on Mars, both NASA and a community of enthusiasts have been trawling tirelessly through the library of images that Curiosity sends back.

Generally speaking, NASA is looking for signs of wear and tear on the rover, help driving it across the surface and interesting geology. The enthusiasts? They're looking for walking alien Mars demons.

And as any expert will surely tell you however, physical and visual evidence (especially to the naked eye) is usually the hardest type of evidence to find. Especially when you're on a planet that is doing its utmost to appear as barren and uninhabited as possible.

Despite this, believe they have found a rather curious looking box-shaped object on the planet's surface.

Can't see it?

While you could argue that it's just another rock, the shape of it does lend itself towards being constructed artificially. Martian winds can create many beautiful patterns but a completely rectangular rock is not the easiest thing to make if you're a random wind system. Presumably?

Whether you believe it's a coffin -- as UFOSightingsDaily does -- or just an usual square object, the truth remains that it is unlike anything we've seen yet on the planet's surface. Though given we've one managed to drive over a few miles of it via remote control, that's hardly surprising.

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