29/12/2014 12:11 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Son Tells His Parents He Has Paid Off Their Mortgage (Video)

Youtube/Joey Trombone

A big-hearted son makes his parents' Christmas unforgettable by revealing that he has paid off their mortgage in this touching video.

App developer Joseph Riquelme, who made his fortune as the creator of video editing app Videoshop, decided to make the grand gesture to his mum and dad as a Christmas present this year - and he got their reaction on film.

In the video, Joseph and his parents are lounging on the sofa when he suddenly announces he has an extra Christmas present for them.

Handing his mum a plain white envelope, Joseph sits back to watch her reaction as she opens it. At first, she seems a little bemused by this unexpected bonus, but as she reads the note within, all becomes clear.

Her overwhelmed tears make Dad sit straight up (a difficult feat on Christmas afternoon, as we all know) and take a look for himself. Within moments, he too is brushing tears from his eyes as he learns that his son has paid off the mortgage on their home.

The note, which Joseph shared on Facebook, simply reads: 'Your house is paid off. Merry Christmas. Joe.'

"Sometimes the best gifts come in the lamest packages," Joe captioned the image. We've got to say, despite the admittedly plain presentation, it knocks Grandma's jazzily-wrapped socks into a cocked hat!

Joseph, better known online as Joey Trombone, shared the video of his parents' reaction to Facebook. Just days later, the Youtube clip has now been viewed almost seven million times.

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