'The Interview' Is Sony's Most Successful Online Film Ever

'The Interview' Is Sony's Biggest Online Hit Ever

'The Interview' has become Sony's most successful online film release ever pulling in over $15m in revenue since being made available on the 23 December.

Sony released the film online in a surprise decision over Christmas, following the cancellation of its mainstream cinema release under pressure from hackers.

Speaking to Recode, sources close to Sony confirmed most of the 2 million people that decided to buy the film online did so through Google Play and YouTube.

The film has also made around $3 million thanks to screenings at limited cinemas around the United States. It has been so successful that some on the internet are already crying 'publicity stunt' - though the fact that the film had a $45 million budget, twice that when you include marketing, and that Sony is nowhere near making its money back might undermine that suggestion.

If you're wondering where iTunes is on that list then fear not, Apple has -- after some delay -- just brought 'The Interview' to iTunes in the US and Canada.

If you're looking to watch the film in the UK then sadly you could be in for a wait, neither Google Play nor iTunes have the film and Sony's not giving any information on whether it'll try for a full international release.

Considering the film has largely been seen as the motivating factor behind the crippling Sony Pictures hack that took place a few weeks ago, Sony will surely be seeing this as some small glimmer of good to take from what has been an incredibly trying month for the film industry.


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