North Korea

The presidents' meeting has caused concern that they're considering an arms deal.
Includes claims about Trump and British-trained Ukrainian "saboteurs".
And why would a meeting offer a boost for both the Russian leader and his North Korean counterpart?
Travis King, an American soldier, has been held after crossing the heavily fortified inter-Korea border “willfully and without authorisation”.
Twitter critics tear into the Fox News host for over-the-top praise of the former president.
Moscow is having to look elsewhere for equipment as the effects of western sanctions cause their own supplies to "dwindle".
Most North Koreans remain unvaccinated against the virus, and Pyongyang's under-prepared public health system could spark a humanitarian crisis.
The Palace confirmed that the Queen had passed on her 'good wishes' to the repressive regime.
The country fired two ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan, according to South Korea on Wednesday.
About North Korea
North Korea is led by Kim Jung-un. In December it launched a long range rocket, defying warnings from the UN and Washington. In April, North Korea defied international warnings by launching a similar rocket, however the craft disintegrated seconds after launch, causing considerable embarrassment to the regime.